Why Fish With Ascension Rods?

Premium Quality

Highly Durable

Extremely Sensitive



Light weight


Meet our Angling Techs

Our crew of Angling Techs are seasoned multi-species anglers. We depend on them to fully test and help with product development. They give voice to the information you are fishing for.


Ascension Rods Videos

Our videos are informative and help you catch fish. We bring you out on the water and cover what you would ask if you were in the boat, showing which Ascension Rod is best suited for the species, presentation and bait.


I am so proud of being involved in this. Quality product and value is something every consumer looks for, but dealing with companies in the business for 15+ years this is the first time I have heard a company say that the most important thing to them is not just selling a customer a quality product at a fair price but giving them a product that is versatile enough that they can do more with less. Of course there is a full lineup of models, but rather than being “purpose built” as so many products are to specialize in one technique each of these rods are built with multiple techniques and species in mind. We put this approach in rod design to the test last fall and were extremely pleased across the board with their performance, versatility and durability.

Jesse Williams