Meet Our Angling Techs

This is what is most often referred to as pro staff. These everyday anglers are guides and weekend warriors of great experience.  They work our fishing rods to the ends to test and ensure that all the innovation put into these rods are met. They advise, test and bring their years of expertise to what they want to see in a fishing rod.  As forward thinkers they embody our company culture.

Mike Vogt

Mike is an experienced angler who spends more than 240 days on the water. It is this experience as a multi-species angler that we count on to bring the best advice in helping make our rods better for you. His innovative mind brings the true test of a rod and helps make future product offerings as good as they can be.

Jesse Williams

My life of fishing began when I was very young. I was fortunate enough to grow up on Upper Mission Lake north of Brainerd, Minnesota in a family that lived to be in the outdoors. My parents would take me out regularly while they fished and my first fish came over the side of our old Lund tri-hull on a jiggle stick rigged with a worm; the rest as they say, is history. 

Rob Carlson

My name is Rob Carlson and I am an angling tech at Ascension Rods.
I started out fishing at a very young age of 4–Started doing what every young boy or girl does at that age and that’s fishing panfish; crappies and sunfish mostly. I had some big influences that got me into fishing so young. My Dad, my Grandpa and my Uncle played a big role into molding me into the angler that I am today.

The most sought after species that I chase is the channel catfish in the area I live. I enjoy the intense strikes and long tiring battles that they put up.
I also like fishing largemouth or smallmouth bass as I contend against other anglers in club tournaments on Thursday nights in the summer; completely enjoying the competitive aspect of it.

I feel like everytime I get on the water to fish any species, even on a lake I have fished what feels like a thousand times, I always learn something new. Factors from bottom composition, how fish relate to cover, water temp, current, weed and rock cover, thermocline, color, profile or presentation – that’s the beauty of fishing. Everytime you are on the water there’s something new and that’s what keeps me coming back.

Rob Carlson




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