Light-Weight, Sensitive & Durable

Ascension Rods are built to a high standard. The first thing you’ll notice is their light weight. Built with extreme sensitivity and durability. Our Angling Techs are multi-species anglers who test these rods nearly every day for that standard.

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Our Bass Rods, Crappie Rods and Walleye Rods are built for the multi-purpose angler. Ascension Rods will easily crossover into other species and fishing techniques, expanding the abilities of any single rod.

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Learn from our Video Series as our Angling Tech’s show their techniques while demonstrating the benefits of our rods.

Meet our Angling Techs

Our crew of Angling Techs are seasoned multi-species anglers. We depend on them to fully test and help with product development. They give voice to the information you are fishing for. Take a moment to get to know them.

Built for a better angling experience

We think you will appreciate the thought put into the fishing experience when you use an Ascension Rod.

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